Should I Get a Dog or Cat: a Detailed Guide

“Are you a cat or a dog person?” – This question always freaks me out. Pet owners like to divide into two legions and fight against each other about who’s better – cats or dogs? Technically, these creatures have almost nothing in common. If you are a pet person, you would agree. Cats are standoffish, but calm and homely, while dogs appear to be more responsive and aloof. 

There are many stereotypes, connected with cats and dogs. For example, in Russia, they always say that single Russian women stay with 40+ cats because they are lonely. There is also a saying, “A dog is a human’s best friend.” Wait, but can’t cats be equally friendly? When will this “cats vs dogs” dilemma end? 

If you genuinely want to know what pet would be more suitable for your family and if you often ask yourself, “Should I get a dog or cat?” let’s get down to facts first.

Why There Is a Myth About the Opposition of These Animals? 

“Cat vs dog” myth was a question since the dawn of times. Both species were equally respected. Dogs, believed to be bred from wild wolves, were the main guards of first peoples’ dwellings. Cats were believed to be higher power since the Egyptian era of pharaohs. They were said to be wise and independent creatures, capable of healing people. 

Both cats and dogs were kept in the household, although dogs were less lucky as they usually stayed outside to guard the territory. But that tradition changed when Chinese emperors started going everywhere with their aristocratic lapdogs, bred into little creatures that don’t seem to differ from cats. 

Pros and Cons of Dogs

Why are dogs better than cats? Let’s investigate, collecting all the pros and cons. If you are a dog owner, you probably know a definite answer. But don’t be too sure, as dogs are not perfect either. Let’s start with the perks of having a dog.

+ Dogs are smart and responsive

That’s what people mean when they say that dogs are better than cats. But can you argue with them? Dogs have sparkly eyes, full of life and joy. Doggies are fairly easy to train. They can reach a high level of intelligence in case of proper attendance. They can fetch you stuff. And not only a frisbee disk.

+ Dogs are super helpful 

They can be life saviors. Quite literally. Dogs know how to swim, bring newspapers, escort visually impaired and elderly citizens, snatch kids out of fires, hunt. Dogs are highly intellectual and brave. They’ll make sure no stranger intrudes on your property. They will take you for a walk, in case you are getting lazy or plump. They will cure your depression and loneliness by constantly interacting with you. Should I even continue this list?

+ Dogs are protective and loyal

If you still wonder why dogs are better than cats, just watch the Hatchi movie. Dogs are literally the most loyal creatures. Your girlfriend has a higher chance to leave you without a reason than your pet, and there is no joke. Even in extreme situations, dogs don’t detach from their owners and never run away, fighting for them until the end. 

– Dogs are aggressive 

If you wonder, “Should I get a cat or dog?” don’t opt for dogs if you are a cautious person. Dogs have a very protective nature that involves self-defense too. With wrong assistance and poor treatment, your dog can be not just grumpy, it can potentially kill the owner. It is especially about the bigger breeds.

– Dogs can’t be left alone 

Since they are very social creatures, you can’t abandon your pets. Dogs suffer from trauma when left unattended for the whole day. If you leave your pet for long periods of time, it may become aggressive, moody and extra needy. So, if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to hire a dog-sitter, that might be not the right option for you. 

– Puppies require training 

Dogs are not weeds in the garden. You can’t expect to raise a well-bred and smart pet without assistance. Remember that 80% of a dog’s success depends on the owner’s will to help and train. You need to walk a dog daily, or your friend might get very upset, angsty, and fierce (in a bad way). So if you are not ready to invest time and money into your pet’s development, leave this opportunity for somebody else. 

Pros and Cons of Cats

Why cats are better than dogs? And yes, every Neko lover will tell you that cats are better than dogs! They are fluffy and snuggly. What else makes them so amazing? 

+ They are super quirky and adorable 

Cats are a quintessence of everything cute. They have cat mannerisms, a unique flair that makes it hard to understand, but very interesting to watch them. Cats are very unpredictable, both in good and bad ways. But you can never hold a straight face when a kitty purrs into your ear. 

+ Cats are independent 

They are one of those unique animals who don’t require almost any assistance. A cat can be inside for the rest of its life, yet it will be absolutely okay. On the contrary to a dog, a kitty doesn’t constantly require attention, which makes you get on easier with your day. 

+ Cats are of low maintenance 

You don’t need to train or walk a cat. They also don’t require additional grooming as kitties are neat by nature. They clean their fur and do the mani-pedi all by themselves. 

– Cats are destructive 

It’s a fact, and you cannot deny it. Cats like scratching surfaces, such as antique floors, polished furniture – anything their sneaky paws can reach. Cats bite curtains, destroy any dangly things in your apartment. And let’s not forget about the cat pee. I know you still can’t clean your carpet from that smell. 

– Cats are not very affectionate 

Sometimes you just can’t notice them. Cats are loners. They will condescend onto the head in the morning, but only if they want to. They are also very indecisive, going in and out from one room to another. And don’t expect them to lay near you if you get hurt. They won’t run after you with wet eyes or show any remorse. Or at least it’s the display they like to put on. 

– Cats are scratchy and grumpy 

You can’t make a cat love you. If it wants to go away, it will go away. If a cat doesn’t want to hug or snuggle, it will bite you. You can’t tell your cat to stop. It never listens. Why are cats better than dogs? They are superior and mean, and definitely can show an OWNER their place. 

How Do These Animals Get Along Together?

There is a myth that cats and dogs can’t get along. In fact, if you take a cat and a puppy and make them co-exist, they make great friends. They need to get acquainted and familiar with each other. The rest is a big lottery.  Well, if you still can’t decide between those two perfect creatures, the only way to check is to get a close encounter with both of the species. Attend animal shelters, visit animal cafes, exhibitions, ask your friends to let you sit with their pet. Adopt young cats and dogs, and you will see how great these animals can treat each other.