Pros and Cons of feeding an Extruded Pet Food or Cold Pressed Food

Extruded Dog pet Food

Pros of feeding an Extruded pet Food

These foods are readily available and come in a wide variety of diet option tailored to you dog’s age, breed, size and dietary needs. They have a long shelf life usually around one year. They come in an appealing biscuit shape They contain easily digestible carbohydrates. This is achieved through the grinding of raw ingredients, and also by the use of high temperatures during processing, which ensures the carbohydrates are well cooked The fat levels tend to be more controlled and consistent. The high temperature used during this process can lead to the degradation of some fats, so fats and oils are sprayed on after the cooking process in controlled amounts. This especially good news if you have a dog with hyperlipidaemia, or pancreatitis, where feeding a reliable level of fat in the diet is crucial to their health. Also, this method of fat application means that the variation in fat levels between food batches is reduced. Due to high processing temperature used, any pathogens and parasites that may have been present in the raw meat ingredients are destroyed.

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Cons of feed an extruded pet food

Extruded Pet food -The high temperature used during the processing may reduce the nutritional integrity of the end kibble, and heat sensitive vitamins, fats and enzymes can be affected. The loss of some of the sources of natural flavours, such as fats, during packing, can result in the end kibble being less palatable. For this reason fats, flavouring and nutrients are often sprayed onto the kibble afterwards. The quality of the diet will be affected by the quality of the ingredients used, so pick wisely and remember to look at the type and form of protein used, and also the carbohydrate source. extruded pet food
TIP! If you are not sure of how much to feed your dog each day, talk to your vet about it. Though some folks feed whatever the package recommends, those guidelines are not always appropriate and can lead to overfeeding.

Cold Pressed Dog Food

Pros of feeding a Cold Pressed Dog Food

The lower temperatures used in processing help to preserve the natural nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients used, so there’s no need to add artificial palatability enhancers, flavours or synthetic vitamins. Heat sensitive enzymes and fibres are also preserved, giving, this food a texture and digestibility that reflects the natural ingredients used, making it the closest processed alternative to raw food currently available. It is convenient alternative to raw food and can be safely fed alongside a raw food diet, as it is digested in a similar way. The ability of the pellets to gently break up in the stomach without floating or swelling makes this food a sensible option for deep chested breeds that are prone to bloat, and are at risk of gastric dilation volvulus.

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The reduced processing of cold pressed foods also means that they can include a higher meat content compared to most extruded diets.

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The use of pre-cooked carbohydrates like brown rice has overcome the issue of poor carbohydrate digestibility, which was previously associated with this type of food.

Cons of Feeding a Cold Pressed Food

The same applies as discussed for extruded pet foods, and quality will vary between different brands of cold-pressed food. Take care to choose one with high-quality ingredients.They do have a shorter shelf life usually around six months. There are presently only a few brands of cold-pressed foods available in the UK, with the brand gentle leading the way. We are now starting to see other brands emerge onto the UK shelves though, and I would expect this to continue to increase in the coming year. In general, these foods currently tend to be less tailored to your dog’s breed, age and health

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