How to Choose the Right Dog for You?

I would kindly ask all cat lovers to click away because this article will be dedicated to the best creatures in the world – dogs. Whether or not you are a dog person, these fluffy animals have undeniable perks. They manage to combine the kitty’s kindness and the killer’s attitude.  

Dogs were domesticated by a human a long time ago. Since these times, they have been perceived as both guards and family members. Nowadays, dogs help us in many ways. They bring joy to our elder relatives, are best friends to our children, and even help visually impaired citizens. Besides, dogs are super cute, and if you don’t know how to find a wife, just upload a pic with a puppy to social media. Seriously, puppies increase the number of likes. But how to choose a dog and know which one is the best for you?

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dog

The first thing you need to know before choosing a dog is that your pet is a huge responsibility. Think about your everyday schedule. Will it fit walking out your dog, staying with it for some hours? Will you be able to urgently return home in case something happens? Do you travel a lot? 

Dogs love the company. They get stressed from staying home alone for a long time, so if you have a busy life, a dog is simply not for you. 

Secondly, you need to know whether you have allergies. It would be the worst feeling to purchase a fluffy friend and find out that you are sneezing every second or have a bad itch! 

Pros of Having a Dog

Dogs are beneficial in many ways. They are great supporters when it comes to tough situations. Dogs always understand the owner’s struggles and act as stress relievers. Statistics claim that 74% of pet owners feel less anxious and sad when around their buddies. 

Dogs improve mental health

Pets are known to cure depression, loneliness, sadness, anger outbursts, and problems with communication. Moreover, it is proven that dogs help people with Alzheimer’s disease, children with ADHD and autism. Dogs are the ultimate stress relievers after a bad working day. They are perfect for families and singles. 

Dogs let us improve physical health 

Not many of us know that dogs have healing properties. How? They make you run around twice a day even if you are the worst couch potato on the planet. Walking your dog will be the best cardio. That is why dogs are recommended for elderly people, as they don’t usually have to go out. 

Doggies fix the family environment

If you have some trouble with communication in your family, buy an opportunity to unite over something cute and small. Since dogs are good stress-relievers, you will have no problem talking with your teenage son who has “a phase.” Just talk about your mutual pet and watch your connections magically heal!

Dogs guarantee safety

Unless you like smaller breeds, getting a huge dog would be super cool. Since you train it and treat like a family member, your doggy will be the gentlest creature. But it is a direct danger for intruders. So I doubt anyone would want to pickpocket you in a crowd while you are walking your friend. 

Guarantee your kids’ health

Did you know that dogs help eliminate the possibility of having allergies in your grandkids? Research from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that dogs decrease the chance of being allergic by 33%. How cool is that?

How to Deal with Allergies?

How to pick a dog if you have none to moderate allergies? If you happen to have an allergy, diagnose how severe it is. If you have serious symptoms, it’s better to abstain from having a dog, alas! But it isn’t the case all the time. If your allergy can be battled, take prescription anti-allergen pills.

You can also minimize the contact with allergens by not kissing the dog, petting it too close, and sleeping with your pet. You shouldn’t let your dog into the bedroom. Doctors also recommend vacuum cleaning to prevent allergens from staying in your carpets and on your furniture. 

How to Choose a Dog?

How to decide what kind of dog to get? It’s a tough question. It all depends on the breed you like, your temper and the pace of life. Choosing dogs is easy if you acquire some knowledge about the breed. 

1. Analyze your personality. Are you a soft-spoken chicken? Then, huge breeds would be a no-no. Dogs can sense your fear, so training cute adult dogs could be too much. It’s better for you to buy or adopt a pug, a Japanese chin, or a Pekingese. But if you are a serious person who doesn’t like to be messed with, you can take a big Pitbull terrier or a Rottweiler. This also applies to the cases when you need protection or have a dangerous job in the military. In that case, your dog can be trained to be your assistant. Decide what to look for in a dog that you need. 

2. If you have kids, choose family-friendly breeds. Having children, you have to be sure they will be 100% safe. And unless you took a big breed as a puppy, so it grew up with your kid, you need to find a docile breed, easy to train and safe. For example, a Retriever or a Newfoundland would be a good choice. Don’t know how to choose the right dog? Find literature on the Internet or take personality tests that might help you decide. 

3. Choose a dog according to your housing possibilities. Well, if you live in a mansion, you can choose whatever breed you like. But if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, big breeds will be out of the question, as they need space, such as a backyard. 

4. Decide how much cash you can spend on your pet. If you don’t know how to select a dog, just overview your budget. For example, Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers are very modest and gregarious breeds. While Akita is known to be the most high-maintenance dog ever. 

5. Are you going to train your dog? If not, take the breed that doesn’t require training. But if you want to walk your dog without a leash, you will have to sweat a little bit. 

Better to Buy or Adopt?

There are no specific instructions on whether you should buy or adopt your pet. There are two sides to the coin. On one hand, adoption frees doggies from sad fate and abandonment. And if you want to take an adult dog with clear traits and tendencies, adoption might be it for you. But if you want to raise a puppy of a good breed, you should buy a dog from a breeder. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Puppy?

Look at the eyes of a doggy. They have to be clean, without gunk, not teary. Check the gums, teeth, paws. A healthy dog is very responsive and active. Avoid sad, aggressive and sickly-looking dogs. 

Now you know how to find your perfect pet. Be sure to treat your friend well, and fear no more. I wish you mutual love and understanding.