Shocking New Crash Test Reveals Most Dog Carriers and Harnesses Fail

Top Performing Dog Carriers and Harnesses

Pet Ego Forma Frame Jet Set Carrier
The Good
  • 5 Star Crash Test Rating (Center For Pet Safety
  • Airline approved
  • Internal leash for added safety
The Bad


Dog  Carriers and Harnesses

Dog Carriers and Harnesses

Probably none of us would certainly ever imagine permitting a baby or youngster ride in a car without having suitable safety restraints, however, I can’t inform you the number of times I’ve viewed good friends of mine very carefully strap in their little ones then allow Zippy the dog ride loose. Permit me to be forthright, right here: If you have a thirty-mile-an-hour crash, your twenty-five-pound dog is going to become a missile just the way your twenty-five-pound young child would. One woman I know crashed a ditch along with her three lap dogs loose in the car; two were actually killed outright. The 3rd fled and vanished forever. A friend, a dog trainer, however, got T-boned a few years back. Her dogs were loose. One was simply trapped in the crushed car along with her, which in turn I think is a good thing. The other one got away out a cracked window as well as was found, injured, however, alive, soon after a week. Am I making my point? Wait, there’s even more about Dog Carriers and Harnesses

.A loose dog in the front passenger seat might be killed by the airbag. An injured or even scared dog who’s loose might hinder emergency crews or maybe attack them. A scared, disoriented dog may well make it through the crash simply to get hit by a passing car.

The stunning news that many exposes the majority of animal carriers and harnesses fall short to manage to keep pets safe in a car crash, additionally right now, there are absolutely no standard test protocols along with performance requirements in the U.S. to confirm claims that carriers and crates are actually crash tested.

Dog Carriers and Harnesses ,the test was actually performed by the American Center for Pet Safety (CPS), who used the most well-known brands of crates, carriers, harnesses and pet seats a number of them fail.

kurgo Dog car Harnesses  Passes Crash Test

kurgo Dog car Harnesses
The Good
  • Crash tested
  • Lightweight and integrates directly with your car seatbelt system
  • 4 adjustment points for a perfect fit on all shapes and sizes
  • Broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort
  • Machine washable. Line dry.
The Bad
kurgo Dog car Harnesses

How to Choose a Safety Harness for Your Dog

I will not endorse specific brands right here. However, after repeatedly checking out the crash test video as well as examining pictures of the harness, I think I’ve pinpointed the features which you ought to be searching for whenever you shop. Simply keep in mind, please, which this is me using my sound judgment as well as observational skills. I would certainly be considerably happier to transform this question over to real engineering experts employed by an independent testing agency.

Search for broad, thickly padded straps, particularly the strap running down the centre of the dog’s chest. The broad straps will definitely distribute the force of the impact as widely as conceivable, as well as the padding will definitely cushion the dog’s chest wall and also with any luck avoid or at least reduce crushing. I ‘d like to see the harness fasteners assembled like those on genuine car seatbelts, that undoubtedly have been actually tested for crashworthiness. Same goes with the tether between the harness as well as the seatbelt buckle.

And, lastly, that tether ought to be short. That hit me as particularly essential. Consider how a dog who’s got the whole six feet of a leash to play with can easily lunge harder than he could if you were actually holding the lead at a point a foot from his dog collar. Likewise, a dog who’s sent flying forward in a collision is going to build up additional momentum if her harness secure is three feet long compared to she will if it’s half that length. Which big difference in impact could very well help make a big difference in the level of injury? It really could very well likewise mean the distinction between the fastener’s staying intact alternatively bursting apart as well as launching your dog into the windshield.

Precisely what Makes a Very good Safety Harness?
The CPS made use of its pilot study to set basic requirements for harness efficiency. In a crash, a good harness ought to maintain the dog on the seat, obviously. To safeguard the dog’s spine, it must likewise minimize “rotation,” sideways motion on impact. As well as it needs to restrict “head excursion,” a term that may be familiar to those of you who’ve purchased safety seat for your little ones. Exactly how far forward does the dog’s head move on impact? That’s head excursion. If the excursion’s too great, the dog’s (or child’s) head smacks the rear of the front seat, triggering potential injury